Are you looking for that BIG Screen Sound without the BIG Studio Cost?  TFK Studios brings 25 years of experience in Film and Television and Music to the independent film maker as well as the budget minded union house or the band whose tracks just aren’t sounding like a record.  TFK is guided by the vision of veteran Producer / Songwriter, Sound Designer and Mixer, Lisle Engle, an Emmy Nominee and 3-time Golden Reel Award Winner.  He is known for his work on a long list of notable projects including American Hustle, Burn Notice, Arrested Development, The Killing,  Austin Powers, Vanilla Sky, CSINY, ALIAS and  The Life and Times of Tim for HBO.  If you are looking for award-winning, personal, boutique-level service then look no further.  Forget the Studio Execs and their meddling with your creative vision.  Hitchcock was told not to kill Janet Leigh off so early in the film Psycho.  Now the infamous “shower” scene is arguably the most famous scene in cinema history.   At TFK, we understand this!

    At TFK, you won’t find yourself in a race against the clock to get it all done.  Take your final mix and listen elsewhere to see how it translates to other listening environments, then return and do a final pass of fixes without incurring the costs of reconvening an entire mix crew.

    TFK Studios provides its clients with personal and continual consultation after your mix has been finalized to insure optimal realization of your artistic vision, as well as oversight of your final delivery requirements.

    Bring us your Feature, Television Show, Short Film, Commercial, or Music project... Who’s Next!?