Well I’m feeling the rain as it comes down again

I’m throwing on the coal

The blood of my soul is burning

And I will sail into the sun as soon as I run these clouds away

It’s never too late

Long as the world is turning

Well all I know I learned in

this life

Which I trade for another

I find questions in my mind

And I’m craving the answer

And it comes...

So stand up boy and face the sun

It’s a way, it’s a highway to better things

I think it’s time that I should travel on

And what have I done?

Oh well it’s all gone so wrong

You beg, you plead

But hey I gotta leave

There is nothing here for me

Comes a time to leave it behind

All the pain and the sorrow

Skies grey, oh I’ve got to get away

Turn today to tomorrow

So I run...

Well I run as fast as I can go

It’s a lead, it’s a...

Step towards a destination

I’ll say goodbye before I travel on

So raise your heart and raise your head

I’ve got to be strong

It won’t be very long

Made up my mind that I should travel on

© 2007, TFK Music, ASCAP

Travel On