The Sweetest Thing


This lyric from my song “Inside 4 U” says it all.  I had pretty much decided that I was destined to be a serial monogamist and had made peace with that fact.  That is when Ms. Eliza Bane decided to show up.  I knew within two months that we were going to be married so I wasted no time.  Six months plus one day from our first meeting, I surprised her with a vintage engagement ring from the 1920’s.  Her photos above should illustrate that I made the perfect choice.  The extra one day that I added to the six month anniversary mark was strategically made in order to make it Halloween night, my favorite holiday.  Her smile lights up stages, her heart is vast and caring, her mind creates fashion from rolls of colored fabric, her soul has travelled beside me before, and her love keeps me safe and secure from the storm outside.  How I do love you Eliza!


I always thought that I was one...

that I never could be two...

You came along all the pain is gone, that’s how I feel inside 4 U!

Doing the norm

San Francisco with Ruth and Kristen

Albuquerque with Yuri, Andrea and Chris

Telluride, Colorado, New Years 2006

Photos by Marc Goldstein

October 18th, 2007

Photo by Jake Davis