TFK Studios Client Quotes

"UNBELIEVABLE SOUND!”, said Dann Gire... the president of the Chicago Film Critics Association told me that this is the BEST sounding movie he has heard this year! You've made your director very happy, thanks Lisle!"

- Nick Smith, Director of Munger Road

Don't know if anyone mentioned to you that the film played Friday night at ILM in San Francisco.

They requested a screening.  Nice.  Anyhow, their theatre, if you've never been in it, is obviously state of the art.  The picture looked terrific but I wanted to let you know how great the mix sounded.  I heard stuff I have not heard before in the previous screenings.  Once again, hats off to your great work.  Really cool!

-  Rick LeCompte, Editor of All About Evil

When working with children's shows it's important that the sound design, including the sound effects and sound mixing, is top notch.  Lisle not only has an ear for quality, he has the heart and attitude to get the job done well.  If you do not have a huge budget but want something of broadcast quality, there is no better place to go.  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

  1. - Matthew Young, Producer of The Fantastic World

When we began interviewing sound engineers for the feature film The Rig, there was no shortage of those who said they could do the sound engineering, both large studios and small.  There was, however, something different about Lisle Engle and TFK Studios.  ‘The Rig’ is a thriller, so sound design was extremely critical; it could ‘make or break’ the film.  We needed all the ‘big studio’ capabilities to really ‘make’ the sound of the film, but like most filmmakers, we needed it done at a reasonable price.  Lisle presented a plan that incorporated all of the capabilities of sound organizations many times the size, but did so with a very personal, one-on-one approach that really got my attention.  TFK Studios and Lisle Engle fit our needs perfectly.  Lisle’s attention to detail was extraordinary.  He always had excellent suggestions, but also listened carefully to our Director’s direction and the superb results are easy to hear.  Lisle is not one to put his name on something that is ‘just OK’.  Lisle understands that his reputation is vital and that his final audio mix is the proof of his expertise.  I can tell you this from firsthand experience; Lisle will do a great job for you, will do so at a very competitive price, and you will be glad that you did business with him.  I am, and I look forward to my next project working with Lisle.

- James D. Benson, Producer of The Rig

Lisle was a one-man-post-house for our feature's sound, and he made the movie sound real.  His skill, his attitude and his devotion to the project were awesome.  Lisle brings his mega-budget know how to indie films, and it makes a world of difference.

  1. -Glenn Gers, Writer/Director of disFIGURED

Lisle Engle hears things that I, as a director, can not-- and transformed the sound in my feature film documentary— filled with rough edges, nasty pops, and ugly hisses— into a breathing, living, and beautiful film.  Lisle truly hears your vision and puts it where it counts: on screen!

- John Mullican, Director of Finding Lee Mullican

"Lisle' is Belgian for 'Man of many audio talents.'

- John Ennis, Shoot First Inc., Director of Free For All

If ever existed a man who’s the antithesis to a clock-puncher - that man is Lisle Engle. His commitment to his work, his devotion to excellence, his dedication to professionalism and above all, his razor-sharp ear, brought to my movie not only a sense of reality, but a new sense of story.

- Idit Dvir, Writer/Director of Cherchez La Femme