Upon arriving back in Los Angeles, I went back to post production.  Oh wait... did I mention that I do that?  Just to catch up, I bought a digital recording rig back in 1991; to get out of the graphics world and get into the professional audio world. 
I must thank my Dad for helping me with this.  He looked at me like I was crazy at the time I asked him to co-sign a loan for 10K worth of recording gear, but I paid every bank note back ON TIME!  He taught me well.

I got back to LA with Duce and we rented a bitchin house right off of Melrose Ave.  Melrose became my home for the next few years. 
I got to know all of the locals and was fortunate enough to be able to seduce one of the hottest girls on the strip.  I wrote a song for her.  You can find "Corona" on my CD. 
While I made my money working in the post world, I happened to come across three huge talents who play with me to this day.  The most important musician that I have been fortunate enough to play with goes by the name of Dorian Cheah.  We were both doing post production audio at a studio called Digital Sound and Picture.  He came over over one afternoon and played such amazing violin on some of my unfinished tracks, that I knew things were about to outclass everything that came before.  Soon after, I met two other amazing musicians;  Steve Holmes playing drums and Giuseppe Patane on bass.

This new band, known a Silas for a while (until I realized that there were 4 other bands named that) had a residency at the Cat Club on the Sunset Strip for 6 months or so. 
It was on Monday nights, so trying to get people to show up proved to be quite a problem.  The good part for us was that we were able to hone the band into a tight unit without having to rent any rehearsal space.  I must thank Mike Giangreco at this time, for realizing that we were a cut above the rest; and yet, got pissed when we couldn't achieve the numbers at the door that he was expecting.  I hear ya Mike!  So we continue.  We cut an amazing live record for free at the house of my boss at the time, Jon Ross.  Knowing John has been nothing but an advantage to me. 
He has helped me and I have helped him.  That's what it is all about in this world.  Much thanks to him and his lovely wife Nancy.  It's good to have people around you that realize your talent, call you on it when you are fucking up, and still... stand with you to make things better for all!  Peace and Love to you guys!

So now we arrive at the current days.  There is much more to the story that I could go on about; however, I will leave that for the next chapter.  I am fortunate enough to be able to play with some of the hottest musicians in LA.  It's not because I can cover the spread on the door (cause we never do), but because these guys like to play some cool tunes that I happen to write on occasion.  Much love to Dorian, Giuseppe and Steve.  We will continue to rock the people and stand with each other when the world gets really weird.  That's all that you need in this life.  Good friends and good music will take you to the promised land.

Peace to all good people!


Back to the music.


Los Angeles Part 2