In this life

Well it kills me sometimes

All the complications

All the situations

And how it feels to choose

To win the game while the others lose

Then you catch yourself

In the very same lie

You thought it was not in your nature

Well surprise, surprise

So you run

You're in the race so keep the pace with the sun

And it shines

It send the rays

Puts yesterdays behind

So pray

And be thankful for the dawn of the coming day

It's alright

It's all so essential


In this life

you take it as it comes

In this life

Sometimes there's nothing at all

In this life

I see fields of green

I hear the words from sages

I make my overtime wages

he tended fires rise

And thoughts conveyed like smoke through skies

And the way she smiles

It gets you through the night

And then your under-time wage

Is suddenly alright

In this life

You can make it sometimes

In this life

Well it rains then it shines

In this life

© 2007, TFK Music, ASCAP

In This Life