was born in Long Beach, California and grew up in and around Orange County. The son of a medical doctor, he too aspired to a career in medicine.  However, despite showing prowess in the medical sciences, Gary left pre-med to study theater arts at the University of California, Irvine before he moved to Hollywood and won his first feature film role opposite George C. Scott in “HARDCORE.”  Since that time Gary has starred in numerous feature films such as “ROBOT JOX”, “THE LAST WARRIOR”, “MAN TROUBLE”, and “HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS”, many TV movies and series, and from 1990 to 1996 starred as Matt Sikes in FOX TV's “ALIEN NATION”.  More recently he was seen in recurring roles as Capt. Ingles on “J.A.G.” and as Ambassador Soval in “STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE”, appeared in “Amish Grace” and recently finished shooting the independent action/thriller, “DUST OF WAR". 

Gary also authored a book -- ACTING & Other Flying Lessons and he is a regular contributor to Andrew Breitbart’s blogsite, BIG HOLLYWOOD. 

Gary loves America and thinks that anyone who doesn't should stop whining and leave.  You've got the right to your life and that's it -- what you think you got coming don't mean shit.  This is a meritocracy, baby -- learn it and earn it.


was born in Savannah, Georgia, son of a small town preacher and an elementary school teacher.  He has been singing and playing music his entire life, recording his first vocal in 5th grade and singing with the Savannah Symphony.  He played lead trumpet for 4 years in his high school jazz band and sang baritone in the Georgia State Champion Barbershop Quartet.  Then, in 10th grade, Lisle discovered Punk Rock; The Clash, U2, REM, The Dead Kennedys, The Police, etc...  By 11th grade, Lisle was singing 4 sets a night, 4 nights a week with the local Savannah cover band, The Vital Signs.  In 1985, Lisle headed to Boston University where he quickly formed a 3 piece power pop trio called the Promise which enjoyed relative success in the rock scene in Boston.  The Promise moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and eventually evolved into a truly great hard rock outfit known as HEAD!  This project eventually lost steam and Lisle turned his talents to Post Audio, garnering for himself some huge credits in Film and Television. an Emmy Nomination for sound editorial and a handful of Golden Reel Awards.  He played for years as a solo artist with some of LA’s finest musical talent, having a weekly residency at the Cat Club for 2 years.  Besides his continued work as a solo artist and post audio guru, he has now teamed up with Gary Graham to produce America Rebel Part 1, a collection of politically motivated songs co-written by the two of them to express some of their concerns and attitudes towards the American political landscape leading up to the 2012 elections.  Stay informed, stay active, and keep on ROCKIN!

Photo By Doug Dobransky

Photo By Doug Dobransky